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T.J.'s Page

1 Week

T.J.” is a “special needs” puppy born by C-section on 3/5/07, named after our friend nicknamed “T.J.“ who passed away on that day.

“T.J.” was seriously injured by his mom shortly after birth. Only a few superficial skin lesions were evident, we had high hopes “T.J.” would fully recover.

2 Weeks
“T.J.” was separated from his mom immediately, my husband, Butch and I became his surrogate parents from day #1. “T.J.” was fed puppy milk replacer every 4 hours and seemed to be growing very well. At age 3-4 weeks …we noticed something strange about his physical development, his spine was developing crooked appearance. He moved his front legs with very limited movement. Then he began to develop serious problems swallowing and could not eat solid foods without choking.
7 Weeks, Playing with His Toys
I took “T.J.” to the University of Florida to be evaluated and have x-rays taken. (He made a real “hit” with everyone at the hospital). The x-rays proved he had a broken shoulder bone and growth plate damage preventing normal skeletal development. A tiny opening from his esophagus to the stomach prevents solid food from passing through causing choking symptoms. His diet is now limited to liquid and pureed food. “T.J.” has scoliosis of the spine. The prognosis is not good… nothing can be done to repair poor “T.J.” in order to live a normal life, its very heart wrenching. A bit of good news, “T.J.” has no neurological disorders, and no injuries to his spinal cord.

Napping with One Eye Open in Bed
We are committed to provide the best quality life for “T.J.” We have worked out the feeding problems and exercise limitations, although our hopes and prayers will continue that “T.J.“ will have a long happy life, experiencing no pain.
“T.J.” is the happiest little fellow, willingly and happily adapting to life as he knows it, using his vocal cords when the door bell rings… cautioning mommy, expressing himself with barks of joy while playing with his toys, etc., crawling about and jumping in his own unique way, trying to keep up with our 8 yr old standard dachshund “Cassidy” and the rest of us. Much of the time “T.J.” doesn’t need legs, we carry him. “T.J.” often travels with us, he brings out the best in everyone…and wins the hearts of all. He is a very “special little dachshund”, that changed our lives forever. “T.J.” thank you for your unconditional love of so many daily kisses, cuddles and tail waggins.

Crawling About

Playing with friend, Cassity

Poster Baby

"T.J." Visiting Grandpa & Grandma Huebing in a Wisconsin Nursing Home 12-5/-07

TJ with friends, Carol (who's husband was named TJ)
  & Sharon visiting from Wisconsin.  TJ held by
Ma-ma Mary (center). 

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